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  Monthly Potluck
  April 12, 2008


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We have been watering the jukebox full of trees we planted the week of April's Potluck, and spring is here at Blacktail.  Click the Photos tab above and submit a photo to the RSS Feed Blacktail Photo Blog.  Thanks everyone for supporting Blacktail's vision of CSA.

Ongoing Volunteer Projects in the coming weeks include:
  • Framing and Double Digging Greenhouse gardens.
  • Composting North & South Forest Gardens as needed.
  • Secure and water establishing trees

  • Spring: Garden Paths for Zone 1 Garden.  Finish Sheet Mulch.
  • Click Here to learn more
We have recently opened an account with the Permaculture Credit Union, which means that we are now accepting donations for folks to sponsor a tree guild, the CSA, aquaculture, etc. (see top, right of page)
Click Play to watch video about Permaculture Zoning
Thanks for visiting us on the web.  Your continued support keeps the house motivated and functional to the cummunity.  Call us anytime to learn more about the farm and happenings in your zone time.
Don't forget to add Blacktail to your web browser's bookmarks.  It will help you find us online in the future.  We also offer numerous methods of subscription for online updates: multiple RSS feeds, photo and/or discussion blogs, googlegroups, social networking sites (myspace, tribe.net, facebook, friendster, zaadz, orkut), online discussion forums, plane old email, or leave us your name and phone number in the blue box above and we'll call you.
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